Dreaming of Spring!

-18, Feels Like -38 at 7:30 am 1/22/2013

It’s so cold out today that it’s important to remind myself that spring is just around the corner!   -18 this morning.   The girls were happy to have a day off of school though!

Already making plans for planting seeds soon.   Plan is to start on Saturday, February 2nd.  Last year started on the 9th so think I’ll move it up a week this year.   Going to start with petunias and some perennials.    Collected a LOT of seeds from my garden last fall so looking forward to growing some of my favorites and I’m sure lots of surprises. I learned a lot already from collecting the seeds but know seeing what grows (and what doesn’t!) and grows true (and what doesn’t!) will be an even bigger education about how my garden grows!



This is a sign of my mom’s from her friend Sue.

Dreams are watered in the Gardener’s heart…even in the Cold of Winter.

Keep dreaming!