Dahlias FOR SALE Spring 2024

Close to sold out!  These are the varieties below that are available as May 13th, 2024: White Aster (6) & White Onestra (2). I started with 23 varieties Sunday morning and now just 2 varieties left. I am offering 2 for 1 on the White Aster as I started with so many of them, mostly because it is such a great tuber generator and they are one of my favorites so I keep a lot back each year.
For my local friends…there will definitely be some available for local pick-up after I start planting in June because even moving the raspberry patch for more dahlia space as I’m working on right now, I don’t think I can find room for the 515 I kept. LOL!


Extra dahlia tubers for sale!  All tubers are $5/each unless otherwise noted below. Local pick-up in Ashland, WI or shipping (US Only) for $10 on most orders. Message me on Facebook or email mary@marysgardengrows.com. Payment by Venmo, PayPal or Cash (if picking up).  I fill orders in the order they come in and if shipping, will get them out the following day or two.

All tubers have sprouts and/or visible eyes and are from healthy stock to the best of my knowledge.

All sales are final so please take care to not plant your tubers outside too early.  In our northern Wisconsin zone 4b/5a, dahlias usually shouldn’t be planted outside until the 1st or 2nd week of June as they do not like cold, wet soil. Waking them up early allows me to have blooms around the end of July all the way to our first frost/hard freeze.  Once you receive your tubers, if it is too early to plant them outside, I’d recommend potting them up and placing them in a sunny location – either keeping them indoors or at least bringing them inside at night until the night-time temperatures are safely staying above freezing.  In addition to being planted in the ground, dahlias also do well in containers.  The taller varieties will need some kind of support.

Dahlias very generously create new tubers each year but here in Wisconsin, they must be dug up after a hard frost/freeze (the foliage will turn black) and stored in a location where they will not freeze but still cool enough to stay dormant.  Or they can be treated as an annual if you don’t want to go through that trouble.  I have tried a lot of different storage methods and would be happy to share my experience – just ask!  There are also many great videos on YouTube too.

Dahlias - Lucky Number

If you want to see all the varieties that I grew last year, visit THIS page or check out @marysgardengrows on Instagram.  There are a lot of photos below so may take a bit for them to load! 

Dahlia Patch

Name (Available)
White Aster (6)
White onestra (2)

White Aster

Tons of very small white blooms! One of my favorites.
Type: Pompon
Height: 36″
Color: White
Available: 6
White Aster

White Aster

White Aster

White Aster


White onestra

NOTE: Not the prettiest tubers but all have great eyes/sprouts.
I can’t find a picture I took of this variety but looks like: https://www.longfield-gardens.com/plantname/Dahlia-White-Onesta

Type: Waterlily
Height: 36″
Color: White
Available: 2
Photo coming soon! 🙂