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Grow Write Guild

Grow Write Guild


Joining the Grow Write Guild at You Grow Girl.   A great way to inspire new stories about gardening.   About why we garden.

Here is the first prompt:  Write about your first plant.

The first garden I remember having was in 1998.  It was my first time living in my own house (well duplex really) after several apartments during and after college.   I dug up the patch of grass between the house and sidewalk and planted marigolds.   I remember it was a LOT of work digging out all that grass.   Probably spent a whole day or two on it.    Obviously, my standards on what a lot of gardening work is has drastically changed since then!   I don’t remember if I planted plants or seeds – probably plants – but I do remember that the next spring, the marigolds had seeded themselves and came back.  I thought that was pretty cool since they were annuals.   Besides having to water them, that was about all I knew about gardening back then.

 And that’s probably why each year, I need to plant at least one six pack of those orange marigolds.