Spring? Is that you?

Weather 3/27/2013
Weather 3/27/2013

It looks like spring might actually be arriving.   At least for a few days!    Always checking the 10 day forecast for some hope and 7 of the next 10 days are going to hit a high of 40 or above.    The snow is literally pouring off my roof.    Which reminds me yet again, I really need gutters!

And it even smells like ‘spring’ outside.  The good kind of spring smell.  Not the swampy spring smell that my yard will have in a few weeks when portions of my back yard turn from frozen tundra to a mud pit.    That’s the downside of living a block and a half from the wondrous Lake Superior.   The melting snow is on its way there and my yard and house are in the way!


polkadotplantOne of my favorite seedlings.The polka dot plant (Hypoestes) with the pink, red or white polka dots showing up on the tiny little leaves.  I remember my mom buying these as indoor plants when I was a kid.  Think those were always pink.  Grew some from seed last year and there were great.   A nice filler in containers and it makes a great house plant too.

Happy Spring!!  Hope it’s here to stay!