Grow Write Guild

Grow Write Guild


Joining the Grow Write Guild at You Grow Girl.   A great way to inspire new stories about gardening.   About why we garden.

Here is the first prompt:  Write about your first plant.

The first garden I remember having was in 1998.  It was my first time living in my own house (well duplex really) after several apartments during and after college.   I dug up the patch of grass between the house and sidewalk and planted marigolds.   I remember it was a LOT of work digging out all that grass.   Probably spent a whole day or two on it.    Obviously, my standards on what a lot of gardening work is has drastically changed since then!   I don’t remember if I planted plants or seeds – probably plants – but I do remember that the next spring, the marigolds had seeded themselves and came back.  I thought that was pretty cool since they were annuals.   Besides having to water them, that was about all I knew about gardening back then.

 And that’s probably why each year, I need to plant at least one six pack of those orange marigolds.


12 thoughts on “Grow Write Guild

    1. marysgardengrows

      Of all the flowers out there, they aren’t among my favorites either. But nostalgia keeps me coming back to including just a few each year!

  1. Bailey

    This border of marigolds is so lush! Easy to grow? I may just have to get me some. Thanks for sharing!

  2. TeaspoonsGarden

    Marigolds are such sturdy little workhorses that it’s easy to overlook how much they brighten things up. Now I’m tempted to order “just one more” packet of seeds, to have some to put around the edges of this year’s new vegetable bed!

      1. Teaspoon

        I’m sure we’re in good company. My “just one more” list has six things on it. Seven, if I can talk my mother in law into pulling up the invasive rose someone gave her before it spreads and replacing it with some nice long-vining nasturtiums, since there’s a trellis already in that spot…just need to figure out which varieties will look nice against the dark purple clematis on the other side there!


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