Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – March 2013

What’s blooming in my garden on this ‘Bloom Day’?  Absolutely nothing.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus


However, I do have a couple blooms on my Christmas cactus inside.   Poor thing had been sitting in the plastic black pot from the store for 3 years and I finally put it in a real pot last month.   So at least it appears happy now. 🙂



Fairy Garden - March 2013

Fairy Garden – March 2013

This is the only part of my ‘garden’ I can even see.    Hopefully the fairies are doing okay.

Everything else is covered in at least a foot of snow.  And with highs below freezing most of the days in the 10 day forecast, there will be no big meltdown any time soon.



Garden Pond - March 2013

Garden Pond – March 2013




On a positive note, I saw three of my fish swimming yesterday!   So the heaters (one floating and one submersed) have worked another year.



Garden Shed - March 2013

Garden Shed – March 2013


One place where there is a LOT of growth is in my sweet little garden shed.    Many little baby plants are getting their jumpstart on our short growing season.   They really help the time pass while I wait for spring!  Hoping and dreaming.

Garden Shed - March 2013

Garden Shed – March 2013

To see some actual blooms this Bloom Day, check out the Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day host Carol’s blog at May Dreams Gardens.   And next month, I WILL have some blooms to share.  Can’t wait!!

Hen & Chicks - March 2013

Hen & Chicks – March 2013