Clematis Inventory

Have a goal of identifying all of the beautiful Clematis’ that I have in my gardens this year!   Here are the ones blooming so far!

1)  ??? – Purple flowers.  On right side (east) of garage doors.  Only third year and quickly climbing garage.   Transplanted a baby plant the other side of garage doors.  Hopefully, can train them to grow up each side and meet in the middle.

Update:  After looking at lots of photos online, my guess is this is the “macropetala Jan Lindmark”.   Check out this page and let me know what you think:


Clematis Clematis

2) The President – On west side of garden shed.   Pruning: Type 2.


Clematis Clematis


3)  ??? – Pink Flowers.  On back side of pergola.   Hagley Hybrid or Pink Fantasy??

Clematis - Behind Pergola

Clematis - Behind Pergola Clematis - Behind Pergola

4) ??? – Fushia/Dark Pink Flowers.  On right (east) side of garage arbor.

Clematis - Right of Garage

Clematis - Right of Garage Clematis - Right of Garage

Waiting for blooms:

??? – Front of house between bedroom windows – Big Light Purple Flowers

??? – Side of garage left side of arbor with the “Carefree Delight” rose

Sweet Autumn Clematis – Fence garden with climbing rose.   Pruning: Type 3

??? – Along fence

??? – Tree behind pond

 And several more!